Hey there! My name is Michelle, and I’m a wife, Mom, and northern transplant trying to do the family-friends-work-life juggle in the growing Queen City.  I’m outgoing and candid (largely due in part to my Connecticut roots), I put my heart into everything that I do, am pretty much obsessed with my neighborhood, and I’m a self professed cheese-a-holic.  

Several years ago, I tackled my very first personal home renovation – and did so on a tight budget.  While working through the design and selection process, I was baffled by the lack of availability of more affordable Interior Design resources.  Without my background in art and design, I would’ve been stuck in what I now refer to as the “Design Gap”; needing design assistance, but not being able to meet higher-end design budget minimums.  Great Interior Design shouldn’t only be for a small percentage of the population, right?

This is the principle that I founded Modern Cottage on : simply put, to make great design affordable and attainable for the average homeowner.  It’s my belief that everyone deserves a home that they feel proud of, and that also reflects who they are —- without needing a six-figure budget to accomplish it!  It’s my mission to help clients tap into their personal design style, and create a home that is a unique and curated blend of high-and-low pieces.  

This mission has resonated so much with the Charlotte community, that in order to meet increasing demand and cut down on wait lists, Modern Cottage has now grown to a team of 3!  In 2020, I welcomed Tania Doxey as our Operations Assistant, and Ashley Kelley as our Design Assistant.